Small is Good

learning is fun

Though she be but little, she is fierce.

William Shakespear Midsummer Night's Dream

Small Things

At Inventors Club we think the best things come in small packages. Because our students are small, we think it makes sense that our class sizes are small. We teach things in small kid-sized chunks. Our business is small. Even some of our teachers are small.

inventorsclub Classes are small to ensure that every students gets the attention necessary for understanding.

Our students are taught by teachers who have both programming expertise and the ability to teach, to explain difficult concepts in a language that kids understand. They are trained in our specially developed curriculum.

Everything is Ready For You

Classes are taught on our machines specially configured with all the necessary programs, so students don’t have to waste time with downloading and setting up programs. This means teachers can focus on teaching code. But if students want to work on their code at home they can access their work from our servers. Course notes are also available online to our students.

Coding = Bananas

You don’t just look at a banana. You peel and eat it, (Especially if you happen to have some ice cream and chocolate sauce). Bananas are good for you. They are full of vitamins & minerals & fiber. They taste nice too. And there is something fun about a banana.

Coding is Bananas for your brain. You get the most out of your computer when you can peel it open, understand how things are programmed.

Coding is good for you too. It exercises your brain and helps you think in a logical way. And coding is as much fun as a banana.

All About The Fun

Just because coding is good for you doesn't mean that is the best reason to learn to code. The best reason to code is because you will have a ball creating things you can be super proud of. inventorsclub is all about the fun.

Left-brain, Right-brain, Boys Or Girls Anyone can code

  • ... If coding is taught with patiencs and creativity,
  • ... in a language you understand,
  • ... in a way that is fun,
  • ... in a way that is engaging,
  • ... so that you enjoy a sense of accomplishment.

Everybody Starts Somewhere